Video Production

Grab some popcorn! Right below these words you'll find the video we created that explains the who, what, and why of S•E•N Creative. Below that, are examples of videos we call Story Shorts as well as long-form videos that serve as a deep storytelling asset.

The S•E•N team got in front of the camera, too. We truly understand all sides of production, and will be your guides for all things creative. We will discuss where you will place your video, how long it should be, the size of the file and more. We also have a knack for scripts, contacts for makeup artists and rad stylists. Just ask!

Story Shorts

Think of Story Shorts as a photoshoot, but for video. That means we’re relaxed, efficient and create one-of-a-kind videos that will level-up the conversation you are having with your audience.  Our small and mighty women-run team is low-impact during your video shoot and high-impact with each 15-30 second deliverable. We suggest you use your videos on your social channels, website, and (we love this one) as part of your sales strategy. 

What we're trying to say is: these videos will highlight your vision, story, and brand without breaking the bank (or your furniture).

Long Form Video

Longer video is a great tool to showcase stories behind a brand, a new product launch, or communicating dynamic instructional content. Attention spans may be brief, but our videos are built to pull the viewers into your world, giving them a story worth staying for. And as for how we work, we bring efficiency, and teamwork to the video shoots and editing processes. 

For businesses reaching their next level of growth, we stand by video as a tool for storytelling and the most effective asset for reaching press and customers.