Video Production

Face the facts - video is here to stay. Beautiful videos are the most efficient way to showcase the story behind a brand, catapult a new product launch or even make instructional content feel dynamic. Attention spans are brief these days, so we find the best videos are the ones that pull the viewers in with beautiful imagery and scripts that reveal a story worth staying for. 

For businesses reaching their next level of growth, we want to work with you to create a tool to reach press, potential clients and customers. Partnering with us means that your vision, story, and brand will be considered every step of the way. Your audience and clients want to get to know who you are and how you operate in your industry. Let’s let them into your world. 

We bring efficiency, and teamwork to each video shoot and subsequent editing process. It’s hard work, but we are relaxed (and jovial!) as we create one-of-a-kind videos. We find that ease and humor the day of the shoot mixed with thought-through editing strategy is the best way to capture imagery that will level-up the conversation you are having with your audience. Overall, our women-run team is low-impact during your video shoot and high-impact with each deliverable. 

To sum it all up: We create videos for your social channels, website, and (we particularly love this one) your sales process. Just a few of the many videos we produced are featured below. Reach out today to start talking to us about your next video. 

Grab some popcorn! The show is about to begin!

"I live for the moments when the creative vibe between a team works so seamlessly, so effortlessly, that magic seems to happen no matter what you do... and that's exactly what happened the day we shot my gorgeous video" Ericka Saurit, Saurit Creative

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