Portraits & Brand Content

SEN works closely with the home industry creators to capture their finished product. To say intimately aware of the significant time between design, construction & completion is an understatement! And you’re not imagining the struggle to create content consistently. SEN creates content for a living and even we feel the pressure to stay ahead of the constant changes in social platforms and website expectations. We’re problem solvers over here, so please welcome Portraits and Content Creation to the party!

Portraits — A highly effective and necessary evil! We’ve been known to make the vulnerable process of capturing your beautiful face painless. We like to capture natural moments of work, laughter and you in your element. Tell us about your portrait needs!

Content Creation — The lull between finished projects certainly does not mean that you should stop doing the important work of marketing yourself, showcasing your aesthetic, keeping your social platforms and website fresh. We talk about showing “proof of life” when it comes to interior photography, but this term can also be used for your business. Updated photography attracts ideal clients to continue to create a pipeline of upcoming work. Tell us about your content needs!
Hot tip! Updating your public facing image means you get to have your hair and makeup done which is a great excuse for a night out on the town.