SEN Journal

We work with clients on all types of design work, but our team covets the time set aside to design for ourselves. This shift usually means that we get to play and experiment without fear of scaring off clients with some boundary pushing ideas. We incorporate elements of design that we’ve been too tentative to do with clients, testing our theories about how design and photography can play with each other, enhancing the experience of imagery on the printed page. Every experiment with these bi-annual projects gives us room to implement new design ideas for our clients. 

Our third issue shifted to a smaller magazine size, allowing it to fit in your back-pocket, zine-like feel. We also played with colors and shape overlay on images to enhance the work and see what it felt like to add our design flair to the photos. The first two issue’s content were primarily interviews and features of our clients. In this latest issue, we wrote about our perspective on the themes, innovations, similarities and differences between clients. 

Looking for a copy of the SEN Journal? Email us your snail mail address and we will ship it out ASAP