Branding & Web Design

We help our clients refine their existing branding, establish an online presence, and launch entire new companies. We’re an agile team that partners with you from concept to launch. Lauren’s husband is a talented UX designer with 15-years of experience. After receiving their photos, Lauren’s clients would call to discuss placement on their website and Johnathan would step in on-the-fly to help. Offering graphic design services at the start of 2019 felt like an obvious and inevitable addition to our creative studio’s business.

When working with S•E•N, you have the same dynamic creative team considering how images should be used while they are taking photos. For example, we keep in mind how an image we are capturing might translate as the hero image on your new website or which image looks best in an email signature. This team is growing, as well! We began with templated websites, and have now begun creating entire branding packages with a team of 3 designers.