Sonder Stays

VIDEO + Interior Photography

Re-Defining Hospitality

Sonder has established a new way to stay with beautiful apartments in exciting cities. Each is customized by interior designers with a modern flair and a touch of home. Working with such an aesthetically focused brand like Sonder was a pleasure, and we were able to play up the unique personality of each room's design and details—from a secluded sunroof atrium, to the communal bookshelf — the space opens up to guests, and the camera, the closer you look.

Inspire Through Video

Hospitality brands are looking to stand out in a crowded market which means thinking outside the box to create both compelling designs and captivating marketing materials. We love shooting video that makes potential guests feel like they’re in the room while viewing it from their laptop— visualizing themselves making breakfast or enjoying a glass of wine on the balcony.

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Bring the Space to Life

The best way to gain trust from new customers and articulate why they should stay with you? Inspire them with relatable photos of real people. Hospitality lifestyle shots allow your guests to imagine themselves in the space, and also bring a room to life. These candid still shots work perfectly in tandem with the video content to make the location and rooms easier to imagine staying in.

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