LUSH Getaways

VIDEO + Lifestyle Photography

Up Close and Personal with the French Countryside

LUSH Getaways was founded by Kim and Johnelle Mancha, A Mother/Daughter team with a passion for design, unforgettable experiences, and the magic of the French countryside. They bring small groups to Brantôme—Kim’s hometown— to eat, drink and be merry for a week. It wasn’t a hard decision to join them on this trip and capture photo and video of the amazing people and places that guests encounter along the way.

A Experience to Remember

From fresh fish and vegetables in the market to beautiful waterways covered in greenery, to yoga classes by the pool, our team got to cover the experience of guests as they explored Brantôme. The result? A collection of photos that perfectly captures all the details, from marvelous eats to vine-covered streets and a bevy of jealous social media followers.

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