Heritage House Resort & Spa

VIDEO + Lifestyle Photography

Capturing the Magic of Mendocino

We don’t always get to work with a model that has no bad angles, but that is definitely what we got at Heritage House Resort and Spa on the Mendocino Coast.

Our two-year partnership began with an image refresh after the property was acquired by Dream Hotel Group, along with a drone video to capture the stunning views and surrounding property. After that, we shot stills of each room, food, beverages, and property images. Finally, we produced multiple motion assets for the brand to use on other promotional channels and a new feature video for the landing page. Let’s just say we had no problem spending time on-location for this one!

It was really important to both the Heritage House management team and SEN creative, that this brand video highlight the immersive display of the Northern California coastline that Heritage House gives guests access to. With a low-flying drone and some stabilized cameras, we highlighted the pathways and views from Heritage House Resort to give guests a glimpse into the magic of their stay.

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Lifestyle Imagery

Lifestyle photography is about capturing real-life as it happens. We love to be a fly on the wall to capture the inner workings of our client's spaces, how they work, and how their clients and guests experience what they’ve created.

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