Courtney Coy Interiors

Interior & ARTISTIC Photography

Updating History

When interior designer Courtney Springer asked us to shoot her re-design of the Delta Sigma house on the CAL Berkeley campus we were intrigued, and frankly curious to see what a ‘modern’ sorority house really looks like. Courtney’s design perfectly honored the history of the house, while making the space fun and functional for the 150 young women who live there. Yes, that’s a lot of women in one house!

Modern Monochrome

Black and white photographs are a powerful addition to any room. Shooting in grayscale forces us to see things differently, to stretch ourselves, and expand our creativity. We knew these black and white images would stand out perfectly amongst the bold colors Courtney chose for the furnishings and decor, and they give the space a polished, but still very youthful energy.

Established Brand Takes on a New Name

Courtney Springer, now Courtney Coy, had a simple request: change the name, but hold true to the qualities expressed in the current brand. We looked at several versions before choosing the best reflection of Courtney's design practice. This was also an opportunity to explore how the brand might expand beyond just the website and business cards, such as spec sheets, note pads, and letterhead.

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