Celeste Randolph Designs

Interior Photography + Styling + Web Design + Portraits

Bright Meets Bold+ Beautiful

Celeste is a perfect example of our passion for working with clients long-term, to help them achieve their vision and create consistent branding. Through our on-going partnership, we’ve helped Celeste shine in the industry and bring her functional and colorful designs to life.

A few favorite projects include: highlighting shoots, personal website portraits, web design, and supporting her in her PR efforts to help get the word out about what she does.

We also support Celeste in styling her photos, by bringing an extra set of eyes to a space, ensuring that it’s visually appealing and makes sense for the client and space.

Website Strategy

Celeste needed a website that accurately represents her work and personality. Just like her designs, she is bright and cheery and always adds a pop of color everywhere she goes. We shot still photos of several of her favorite projects to make sure her work took center stage on the site.

Photo Styling

When you’re ready to shoot a project you want it to pop and another set of eyes can make all the difference. We ensure that each object in the room is telling the story that you want it to tell and creating an inviting space. Our team can even help you create a shot list so you’re sure to capture all of the incredible work you’ve done.


Celeste has a large —and growing— team of interior designers with unique style, and we collaborated to ensure each headshot looked and felt like them— shooting outdoors, adding props, a dash of color, and their own unique accessories. The result? Warmth and approachability that clients always resonate with.

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